The Heart of the Matter

What God Knows QuoteIn recent months, I have had a difficult time dealing with a certain person.

My inability, or desire, to interact with this person began to cause an issue with a person I am at peace with.

Finally, after many harsh words spoken, a lot of confusion and tears, I had to realize that all this time this situation was never about the other person.

It was always about me.

I always quote, “In life there are no mistakes, only lessons”, so what lesson is God trying to teach me in this hour of my life.

No matter what you say or do, some people will form an opinion of you, and there is nothing you can do to change it. Sometimes in trying, you are fighting a losing battle that will only leave you frustrated. Sometimes it is just better to stay SILENT.”

If I believe this is true, the heart of the matter (as much as I do not want to admit it) is that I am still placing too much emphasis on other’s opinion of me.

If you view me favorably, then praise God! However, if you have an issue with me that I feel is not “justified”; my fighting is really an attempt to prove to you that I am not who you say I am. I have fought this battle off and on for years!

In school if you keep failing the exams, you fail the course and so is the same in life.

The fact that it keeps coming up, says I still have not settled it within in myself that “what God KNOWS about me is infinitely more important than what others THINK about me.”

Right now, I do not know how I will settle it within myself that I have nothing to prove to anyone. Maybe, when I am tired of taking and failing the same test.

What I do know is that as I battle through this, God promised He will “never leave me, nor forsake (to quit or leave entirely; abandon; desert; to give up or renounce) me.”

Whatever you may be battling with, just know He promised you the same thing.  Find out the heart of matter causing the issue, and trust God to see you through.

He also promised us all things will work together for the good“. I know sometimes it does not look like good can come from a situation, but it can. “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

The bible declares, The end of a thing is better than its beginning.” Although, you and I may have failed a particular test many times, it is not how we start, but how we finish. Just press to finish the race!


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~Keishawna J.
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